Company Introduction


Most USA is the first international branch of Hunan Haiding Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2005 in China, we specialize in extracting active ingredients from natural herbs and plants. Our company’s main focus is on developing, researching, and manufacturing plant extracts. We are committed to providing green, natural, organic and healthy plant extracts widely used as raw materials for pharmaceuticals, food additives, health foods, and cosmetics.

With our own factory (GMP, FDA, ISO9001:2008, Kosher Certified), we have become the leading manufacturer and exporter of plant extracts in China after years of effort and development, and have developed a catalog that includes more than 300 different products.


We always insists on strict quality control for the production and research. All of our products need to pass strict inspection by quality control. We possess a modern production process and advanced international producing technology and equipment. Our factory is equipped with a full set of advanced facilities for extraction, concentration, column chromatography, refined separation, freeze drying, vacuum drying, and spray drying.


All of our products comply with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) quality management system. Our factory is equipped with advanced high-tech manufacturing instruments for extraction, separation, purifying, drying, and packaging. After years of continuous learning, practicing and improving, we have built an effective and efficient system for managing mass production.

We at Most are reliable, diligent, and innovative. Aiming to produce only the most outstanding herbal and botanical products. 



Most has built close, long-term relationships with refineries owned by Sinopec, China National Petroleum and China National Offshore Oil. Downstream customers include a large variety of private and state-owned enterprises in China.


Plant products

Plant products form a key part of Most’s business. By selling directly from the producers, Most can offer the best price on a wide range of fruit and vegetable products. Click on “Learn More” to see what we offer.